Backed in and ready to begin Drivers left tire rot IMG 1124 Water loged wood- first thing to be removed
IMG 1126 Drying out the interior (Replaced with fan latter) IMG 1128 IMG 1129
All the glass was good - no cracks Drivers front wheel close up... I guess I'll need to replace it. removed the hood to get a better look at the Engine Coil / Distributor & plugs look kinda newish....
Front was missing center grill - but was given to me from CTC Autoranch at a latter visit. IMG 1135 if it was a human - would this be a beauty spot? small fender damage - really not too bad being a 1951..
another beauty mark and another Bench seat out so I could get a better look at the floor. Note battery compartment lid (drivers side floor) Passenger side door removed
IMG 1143 Getting rich - 52 cents (half dollar) 95% of the wood removed IMG 1146
Radiator Removed so I could get to the Engine better IMG 1148 Heater air intake on side (missing a hose going to heater fan) Water Pump (locked up)
Coolant thermostat houseing rusted through lots of rust being held back by closed thermostat. IMG 1154 IMG 1155
IMG 1156 IMG 1157 IMG 1158 all the wireing will need to be replaced (will swtich to 12V)
IMG 1160 rust of floor pannels IMG 1163 IMG 1164
Front fender bracket-  had nylon washers Passenger Side Front Fender removed IMG 1167 IMG 1168
IMG 1169 IMG 1170 IMG 1171 IMG 1172
IMG 1173 IMG 1175 Radiator support Front fenders / grill removed
IMG 1178 IMG 1179 IMG 1180 IMG 1181
IMG 1182 Heater assembly with coolant hoses Heater fan removed Front suspension removed