Fuel Tank flat.... Nasty Fuel Tank out... IMG 1201 Taking apart the bed..
IMG 1204 side of Bed dissasembled IMG 1209 Passenger side rear pannel
Passenger side years of gunk and grease built up on suspension. bracket for Bed - close to cab suspension bumper (rear)
suspension bumper (front) suspension bumper (Front) removal of cross beams IMG 1223
IMG 1224 clean up - still need to remove rust. IMG 1226 IMG 1227
IMG 1228 IMG 1229 saftey gear on :) IMG 1245
rear frame cleanup started new bench built bracket for gas tank install suspension bracket
previous owner weld work - will fix latter Foot Boards - will be re-built Prep for Paint Good thing I was using PPE
IMG 1262 IMG 1263 Water Temp IMG 1265
IMG 1266 IMG 1267 IMG 1268 Electrical circuits pulled out
IMG 1270 Radio with tubes IMG 1275 IMG 1276
IMG 1277 IMG 1278